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About CCI Yaba

Celebration Church Yaba is the 9th expression of Celebration Church Global (CCI Global). The Church was inaugurated by the Lead Pastor of CCI Global, Aposle Emmanuel Iren in Lagos State Nigeria.

Under the tutelage of Our beloved Resident Pastor; Pastor Dolapo Ajayi, a seasoned preacher and media professional, we have recorded tremendous progress and joy of faith. PD, as she is fondly called, is a woman of God, with a burning desire to see men saved and come to the knowledge of Christ.

At CCI Yaba, we have a burning passion for souls. Jesus has given the mandate for us to go into the world and make disciples of all nations. The mandate may look daunting, but 11 men laid the foundation for what we have today. Hence, our mission is to enlist, disciple and redeploy a people in Christ, for Christ with Joy.

We believe that salvation is by faith in Christ Jesus; we believe in God’s power to heal the sick, break addictions and transform men; we believe that men can have consistent growth and experience a fruitful walk God through fellowship with the Holy Spirit. As a Church, we have put structures in place to ensure the growth of members including the daily Triumph30 prayers, the Triumph30 devotional, counselling programmes, the Meet and Pray (MAP) groups amongst others.

We envision all men celebrating endless life in Christ Jesus. This is our reality. Come join us.


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8am, 10am


Banilux Place, 2/8, Chapel Street, Sabo Yaba, Lagos Mainland

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